International Women’s Day 2020

By Francesco Ricci 08/03/2020

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, on Friday 6th March, Brunel Digital welcomed a talented collective of individuals from different industry to tell us their story – what inspired each to take the journey that led them to where they are today, discuss the numerous challenges that women face and what advice they can give to the new generation of designer coming after them.

We also celebrate student women’s work in the fields of visual art and design by highlighting the work of 5 of our most talented women’s students.

The panellist discussion explored the experiences of our inspiring women’s, the barriers they have faced and how these barriers have been overcome. The events also celebrated the efforts of a new generation of women demanding the recognition they deserve.
This event aimed to not only inspire women, but to empower and encourage women to harness their talents and raise the profile of issues that are central to career development for female colleagues, at both a local and national level.

We hope attendees were able to see from this evening the achievements of our inspiring female including their barriers and doorways to success. Through intentional conversations with our industry professionals that have experienced their own problems, we wanted this night to be filled with meaningful connections, and growth for all that attend.
Following the panel, guests were able to network and engage with members of the audience over some nibbles and drinks.

We are very thankful to the panellists and their companies for sharing this evening with us:

Rachel Brockbank - Digital Product Designer
Zehra Berry - Motion & Promotions Designer
Linda Scerpella - Motion Designer
Louise Murray - Manager of Graphics and Visual Effects
Natalie House - Senior Project Producer & Director
Kristen Bjaastad - Creative Lead
Tracey Hall - Teacher of 3D Design
Debra Doran - Former MD at Noble House Media

Watch the live stream features exclusive stories of their unique professional journey: their experience as a woman in their industry, how the environment around women has or has not changed, and how we can make a difference. 

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