International Women’s Day Panel

By Mausum Rathod 11/03/2019

It is no secret that there is an imbalance in the creative workplace; the lack of women in the creative industries. At Brunel Digital, we thought there was no better way than to host a panel with successful industry professionals to discuss this imbalance and highlight the importance of the issue. There couldn’t have been a better day to celebrate this diversity and balance in the industry other than the 8th March — International Women’s Day!

On Friday 8th March, we welcomed a talented collective of individuals from different industry backgrounds to speak about this issue and discuss how, going forwards, we can achieve a more representative workforce. The night was full of fascinating insights, stories and opinions from our panellists. This opened up the platform for a discussion on this crucial issue that affects everybody working within the field. Following the panel, guests were able to network and engage with members of the audience over some canapés and drinks. All in all, a fantastic evening!

We are very thankful to the panellists and their companies for sharing this evening with us:

Sandra Liscio – Senior Designer at Stellar London
Yukari Schrickel – Motion Designer at Framestore
Marija Tiurina – Illustrator at Wonderbly
Kate Gabriel – 3D Artist The Mill
Cathy Poblete – Freelance UI/UX Designer
Chiara Finello – VFX Producer at Industrial Light & Magic

2019 IWD Panel 2