Keep It Brief: Brand Launch

By Francesco Ricci 21/01/2021

2020 brought with it some of the most challenging times people have had to experience for decades. Our fast-moving world ground to a halt in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting everyone’s lives and livelihoods. The creative industries - a particularly high-pace sector - has been hit hard, with our way of working dramatically shifting and slowing down. Students studying in the creative industries too have found themselves suffering from the effects of the pandemic, with their education moved online where time seems to have changed as the days merge into one another.

Creatives have experienced setbacks throughout the year, with fewer jobs available, and less chances to work with each other. We want to come back from the hardships of the pandemic and cope with the stresses it brings, inspiring resilience in ourselves and others through our 2021 brand, and tackle any challenge we, as creatives, may face.
In a year where people have been stuck in their homes, now is the time more than ever to find ways to express ourselves, and stand out from the crowd. Our brand this year is bold, as we look to express ourselves to the fullest, taking risks where others may not.

Whilst we may have been forced apart, this has not stopped people around the world in many industries finding ways to work together remotely, and this is very true for our team. Through collaboration, we can revitalise our creative energy, and support those around us socially and professionally.

For 2021, Brunel Digital looks to revitalise our creative world. Let’s bring things back up to speed in a world on-hold, inspire resilience, show our boldness, and spark collaboration.

For 2021, let’s Keep It Brief

Follow the link below to check out the Keep It Brief brand guideline: