Findit App, Portfolio Website & Changing Perceptions: Brand Development

By Vaishnavi Sahu Branding and Marketing Final Year Project 2019/2020

This portfolio website is the result of Digital Media Technologies individual assignment. The whole website is made up of elements made by me which I love doing such as Illustrations, picture manipulation etc. It is an effort to show my personality and work to other people.

This is a group project where a brand was built for kids cereal made of cricket flour. This project covered Branding, Character design, Marketing and Advertising. I took the role of creative head in this project, from coming up with whole brand identity to creating the character.

This assignment to build an app was an individual effort. “Findit.” App is a mobile in-store shopping application which is an amalgam of location and online shopping. It helps people buy things easily by locating their desired items and alternatives near their location. Findit. App promises to save you money, time and energy. Indirectly, it also helps sellers get noticed and improve their services.

Vaishnavi Sahu Vaishnavi Sahu Vaishnavi Sahu