Dar Al Salam Arabic School Website

By Noor Al-Hassani Digital Design Final Year Project 2016/2017

Abstract vs. Traditional - Which Website Draws More Attention?

Dar Al Salam is an Arabic school based in London, which is for both genders aged 4-18 and for students who want to learn the Arabic language. The Arabic school was founded in 2011 and they have around 60 students.

I have created a website for the school, which is aimed at parents and current students or new visitors who want to know about the school. The purpose of the website is to inform new parents about the school and parents of current students to view term dates and homework.

The school previously did not have any website and the launch of the website was exciting for students, as they enjoyed seeing their photos.

Another reason of creating this site was to understand how to make a visitor stay on a site. Designing a school website requires it to be user friendly, navigating to every section of the site should be easy and information should be available with a minimum number of clicks.

HTML, CSS and PHP were used to create the website. Many students wanted to have access to their homework and to see updated news, this website has helped students, parents and also teachers in many ways such as viewing information, making sure students have access to homework and term dates.

Supervised by Fred Weimer

Noor Al-Hassani Noor Al-Hassani