360 Campaign Streetwear Brand

By Mikolaj Plecha Digital Design Branding and Marketing Final Year Project 2018/2019

Promotional Posters for street wear brand

The idea I have worked on for the 360-campaign poster and marketing strategy is based on the arising street wear merchant Cronx Street. The business originates from south London’s Croydon and is currently beginning to operate on the online platforms with aim of advertising and selling their merchandise. The products offered by Cronx Street are the authentic, imported polish street wear and accessories, accessible for everyone but aimed mainly at the Polish customers base.

The three factors that I have used in the visualisation of the campaign are the native aspect, street culture and clothing merchandise leading me to the simple interpretation, extracting the essence of those factors, where Poland is expressed as shape from the world map leaving no doubts for the target customers, Croydon, also called a second Shoreditch of London pictured as a graffiti tags expressing the theme of street culture and rich graffiti culture

Supervised by Alan Mannion

Mikolaj Plecha Mikolaj Plecha Mikolaj Plecha