By Orry Kaplan Digital Design Final Year Project 2018/2019

A social networking mobile application that allows artists to collaborate on projects.

My final year project is the design and development of an android social media mobile application.

Artlink is designed to help smaller artists create and collaborate with each other to produce unique Paintings and Digital Artwork. The aim of the app is to allow students, hobbyists and small independent artists to use the platform to help their work gain exposure and to also share skills and experiences to widen their creativity.

For this project, I designed an InVision app prototype and coded a partial mobile application using Java and Firebase that lay the foundation for the connectivity part of the app.

Using the app, users can swipe through numerous projects from all over the world that might spark their interest. If successfully connected, users can message each other and share ideas over the app and then once completed, the finished project will be displayed on both collaborators profiles.

Supervised by Professor Marios Angelides

Orry Kaplan Orry Kaplan