¡Ay Manuelito!

By Pallavii Amarnani Moving Image Final Year Project 2018/2019

What happens if you leave a young child in the kitchen alone?

¡Ay Manuelito!  Is a 3D animation based on the curiosities of a young innocent child. The animation, including all the assets of the environment and the design of the character were created in Maya. With the help of FK,IK rigs as well as motion capture. I was able to explore different types of animation and face challenges that present with each one.

Different forms of art have existed since the beginning of time, but only the ones with a story or a message behind, are remembered… and we all remember at least one big disaster we made as a child! This story is a trip down memory lane, a time where discovering how the simplest of things work was fascinating.

Supervised by Fred Weimer

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Pallavii Amarnani Pallavii Amarnani