By Dominic Paul Digital Design Final Year Project 2016/2017

Gamifying Life Choices

Careercraft is a web application that tries to help people find the right career for them based on their skills and interests.

Meanwhile turning this experience into a game. Members ask questions, recommend jobs and answer content, all of which gives them points and ranks them accordingly on the leaderboard. There are milestones to achieve when a user earns a certain amount of points and they are awarded with badges. These are either bronze, silver or gold in colour. And any earned badge appears publicly around the website next to that user.

This game aspect of the artefact is driven from research into intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Leading to a gamification model that utilises the elements explained, to motivate users to engage in carrying out various tasks.

The ultimate goal is that users are adequately informed about all aspects of a particular career path, in which they feel confident enough to apply in the real world. The effectiveness of the gamification has been evaluated through a series of interviews and participant observations, in which the feedback gleaned positive results suggesting that users did feel motivated to return to the application to progress their achievements.

Supervised by Dr Harry Agius

Dominic Paul Dominic Paul