By Amolak Sira Digital Design Final Year Project 2017/2018

A mental health mobile application.

Today’s society is filled with anxiety and depression and a lot of this can be linked to smartphones and social media. Studies have shown that it can affect the individual’s mental health and lead to “Smartphone addiction”. So, what if it could be turned into something positive? The aim of Clarity is to help reduce anxiety and depression by helping people decrease the addiction to social media and give them the tools to help be more mindful with the assistance of an app and a smart watch. I found other ways of helping combining different methods. Clarity includes:
- Breathe: Simple breathing exercise with water visuals; can be used whilst walking or sitting.
- Focus Timer: Practice being mindful in any situation.
- Events: Attend mindful events.
- Contact: Get help from organisations when you need it.
- Progress: Keep track of how your mindful journey is going.

Supervised by Dr Harry Agius

Amolak Sira Amolak Sira