Concept Battle: Cute vs. Edgy

By Frances Ngobeh Digital Design Final Year Project 2016/2017

Interactive K-Pop Music Video

For my final year major project, I created an interactive music video. The video is based on a concept battle between cute and edgy. So the user can choose which side they want to watch and also decide what happens next as they follow the storyline. Each path selected determines a different outcome.

My main aim for the video is to create a more enjoyable experience during the tour section of the Mcountdown package that Kpop fans can engage with. Mcountdown is a famous music program in South Korea where Kpop artists perform weekly. For international fans, they have a global package available, which they can purchase, that allows them access into the live show and the Mcountdown tour. However, as I have partaken in the tour in July of 2016, I felt like the tour was quite uninteresting and wanted to create an artefact that could make the overall experience more enjoyable for Kpop fans who attend. Hence the reason I wanted to make a video as it is a major part of Kpop fan culture.

Supervised by Steve Cockett

Frances Ngobeh Frances Ngobeh