Digital Meets Physical

By Faith Ajamogha Digital Design Final Year Project 2017/2018

Digital meets physical: Encouraging reading from an early age.

My final year projects focus on inspiring and encouraging children from an early age to start reading. This is because reading is essential to a child’s success. It plays a massive role when it comes to their educational performance. It enables them to discover and build their own vocabulary, understanding of their environment and overall increasing their knowledge. As statistics from 2014 shows that one in five children living in England cannot read well by the expected age of 11. The artefact is essentially an app that interacts with a toy. To which it holds a series of book level with an activity that aids in improving their literacy skill. However, this app is only accessible when the toy is purchased. It’s a secret world made for reading.

Supervised by Professor John Cosmas

Faith Ajamogha Faith Ajamogha Faith Ajamogha