Discovering Singapore

By Ashwin Franklin Moving Image Final Year Project 2016/2017

A Short Documentary Insight

Get drenched in the drizzling of tropical rainforest, mesmerized by the wild colourful birds and animals by Discovering Singapore, a tiny red dot in the world map. A transformed city state from third world to first world, with magnificent skyscrapers blended with untouched nature. Come and join to discover the tropical weather throughout the year, with treats for the taste buds that Singapore offers from a multicultural society.

It is indeed a pleasure to present such an amazing place in this short documentary titled “Discovering Singapore”. It is quite a challenge to present all aspects of her attractions in a short documentary however, best effort has been made in Pre-production, Production and Post production. This documentary then features 100% video footages shot in Singapore, enhanced with Motion Graphic elements and “Time-lapse” as a technique to complement the overall visual aesthetics. This project also is proud to boast that all narration and soundtracks are purely made by the creator.

Learn the facts and figures about the tiny red dot and sit back, relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of Singapore.

Supervised by Alan Mannion

Ashwin Franklin Ashwin Franklin