Fifth Street

By Kishan Koriya Digital Design Branding and Marketing Final Year Project 2016/2017

Seamless Digital Retail Environment

My project focuses on producing a seamless digital retail environment, by combining the physical retail store and online experiences, for traditional fashion retailers to exploit.

Retailers have started to adopt Omni-channel retailing, where emphasis is placed on integrating and creating relationships between all communication channels, through continuous digitalisation. However, most traditional retailers admit that the system required to run a whole unified experience Is too complex to implement or manage.

While traditional retailers have been identified with having a lack of knowledge and experience in integrating their communication channels, I took on the challenge to assist traditional retailers through my brand called Fifth Street.

Retailers are provided the chance to join my brand, to easily reach out to a larger target audience, through an online mobile responsive web application, that is integrated within the physical retail store with the help of NFC technology. My end solution creates a minimal infrastructure change to help retailers see the impact of digitalisation within their stores, before committing to a whole restructure within the business.

Supervised by Dr Harry Agius

Kishan Koriya Kishan Koriya