By Sophie Lambert Digital Design Final Year Project 2017/2018

A gamification application designed to motivate users to improve their lifestyle.

My final year project is the design and development of an IOS mobile application.
The principle difference between my app and those already out there are the challenges, rewards and restriction features.

The app gives the user a choice of challenges, examples of these are sports, workouts and healthy diet choices. Once the user has selected and completed a challenge they earn points. These points can then be used in exchange for real life rewards, such as discounts and vouchers.

There is also an optional feature of technology restriction, where access is restricted to your smart devices such as televisions or games consoles until enough points have been earned. This is in the hope of increasing motivation, for example: your child cannot play on their games console until they have completed an hour of exercise first, or you cannot watch your favourite TV program until you’ve gone for that 30 minute walk.

Users can also challenge their friends with choices such as ‘The first to reach 10,000 steps’ or ‘Who can earn the most points today’ with the winner earning points.

Sophie Lambert Sophie Lambert Sophie Lambert Sophie Lambert