Motion Capture Dance Piece & Horror Environment with Animatic for a game Add-On

By George Clarke Moving Image Final Year Project 2019/2020

Techniques used to create this include using MoGraph (cloners and random effectors), dynamics tags and particle effectors for the simulation. Mock-ups were done in Houdini using effects such as differential mesh growth, shortest path growth and geometric points created using VEX.

For this, I wanted to push myself to use emission on the texture of the character and produce most of the lighting within the scene. The workflow required the use of the Motion Capture Studio to record movement, and to clean up the data, I used Vicon Software and Motion Builder.

Game environment with inspiration from Lovecraftian Horror and the game ‘SOMA’ set in an abandoned underwater testing facility. A range of techniques used across the environment artist workflow from concept design to look dev. Done using Maya, Substance Painter & Designer and Unity.

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