By Samirah Ali Digital Design Final Year Project 2017/2018

Snatch’d is a mobile application that revolutionises the retail shopping experience whilst offering comfort, pleasure and efficiency.

It provides a solution for some of the many problems that are currently prevalent in retail: the two main issues being a high online return rate and lack of personalised service offline. Such issues were taken into consideration in order to develop and execute a meaningful project that in turn delivers an effective omni-channel experience.
Snatch’d integrates a combination of the best tools available for online and offline shopping to enhance the experience currently available and create a platform where users can interchangeably combine both. The core value of the product is to allow consumers to find outfits that make them feel snatch’d time and time again by ensuring it’s easier to find products that compliment their body.
This is primarily through allowing users to book retail fitting rooms in advance at a time that suits them, whereby the room is ready and awaiting with all their items. Users can also use the scan feature to browse products in-store and update their booking, completed seamlessly with the integration of the personal measurement feature to help find the best size match across various brands.
Users can request further items within the fitting room and checkout within seconds on the spot when they have achieved their goal.

Samirah Ali Samirah Ali