Storytelling in Videogames

By Michael Gibbs Digital Design Final Year Project 2018/2019

Real-Time 3D Animation

My Dissertation Project seeks to explore storytelling methods in videogames and find a space to innovate and create a compelling narrative. I concluded, after research, that I could exploit the “YouTube Era” hype around videogames, where trailers and cutscenes are dissected by excited fans online looking for easter eggs and clues about a given game’s story. I would do this by hiding clues in my game-artefact which would lead the player on a treasure hunt to supplementary content outside of the game, such as websites and audio clips, which would expand on the game’s story and further immerse the player into it. My artefact has been created in Unreal Engine 4 with 3D assets created in Maya, ZBrush and Marvelous Designer, and PBR texturing in Substance Painter.

Supervised by Steve Cockett

Michael Gibbs Michael Gibbs