By Maleeha Jaffer Digital Design Final Year Project 2016/2017

Using Mobile Technology to Aid in Students’ Revision

StudyHacks is a mobile application prototype designed to give students a systemized platform to hold all their revision material in one area. It has a simple, yet intuitive interface that combines a number of features ranging from creating to-do lists, sharing notes with connected friends, entering exam details into a timetable to receive notifications and more. StudyHacks aims to organize students during their exam periods and during their regular days at university, allowing them to keep their entire schedule in one place. This is where the novelty of the app lies – in the integration of various features to provide the finest and most efficient user experience.

The aim of this project was to enable students to use mobile technology to enhance their revision and change their approach and mindset towards it by providing them with a unique, informative and compact revision organizer app. As the majority of students are glued to their smartphones in this era, I found it important to create a platform for them to still succeed in their learning and gain benefits from spending time on their phone. This is a suitable way of integrating mobile technology with revision as it conforms to students’ daily usage of smartphones.

Supervised by Steve Cockett

Maleeha Jaffer Maleeha Jaffer