Table for Some

By Mohammed Bilal Munir Digital Design Final Year Project 2016/2017

An App for Bringing Diners Together

In today’s day and age, there are many people in society that eat alone but would prefer to enjoy their meal with someone. In the UK, if someone were to eat out at a restaurant and ask for a table for themselves only, a “table for one”, s/he would potentially get a weird look from the waiter or waitress and is thought of as abnormal, whereas if someone was to ask the very same thing in somewhere like Hong Kong, there would be less stigma attached.

Table for Some is a mobile web application, aiming to bring diners together so that they don’t have to dine alone though the use of this application. The project aims were achieved by developing a prototype version of the application as a proof of concept, with functions including being able to create and manage a user account and being able to create and attend events. Viewing a profile with a map of the locale, one tap away from viewing restaurants, viewing the user’s friends list, and being able to change settings of the user’s account are other functions of the app. All whilst keeping the application secure against unauthorised access and securing user data safely.

Supervised by Dr Harry Agius

Mohammed Bilal Munir Mohammed Bilal Munir