Take Refuge

By Nazish Butt Digital Design Final Year Project 2016/2017

Use of Digital Technology to Support the Growing Number of Refugees in the UK

“A study carried out found that a total of 81 out of 100 refugees were homeless or close to. Furthermore, it was estimated 9,768 newly recognised refugees could have been left without shelter last year alone” - Refugee Council, 2016

The principle aim of this major project will be to use digital technology to create a platform that will enhance the support for the growing number of refugees in the UK. The technology will be capable of providing easy access to living information and encourage engagement with users through the application design as well as marketing.

The digital platform will be a mobile application called ‘Take Refuge’ which will allow ‘Refugees’ to find temporary homes to stay until they are able to find permanent homes for themselves and settle in the UK and become active members of society. Refugees will also be provided access to key integration information within their area such as community support groups and local council integration initiatives.

Supervised by Dr John Whelan

Nazish Butt Nazish Butt