The Facial Analysis Project

By Christopher Melfi Digital Design Final Year Project 2016/2017

Facial Analysis in User Experience

The Facial Analysis Project is a testing and feedback application designed to help demonstrate, and gather data on the accuracy of current facial analysis technology in real-time recognition of a user’s emotions.

At the same time, the application serves to educate on, spark an interest in, and hint at the future potential of facial analysis in user experience to both users and developers alike.

This multi-platform web application, built in Express Node.JS, Jade and Mongoose/MongoDB, offers the user multiple scenarios, each demonstrating a potential real-world use for facial analysis. The scenarios monitor and act on the user’s emotions in real-time, request feedback from the user on the accuracy and efficiency of the experience, and then collate the data as a whole, presenting the findings.

Supervised by Dr John Whelan

Christopher Melfi Christopher Melfi