The Londoner

By Sandra Fudala Moving Image Final Year Project 2016/2017

Photographic Journal Developed as a Film

This project reflects my idea of creating a photographic journal constructed into a film. It portrays the everyday life of a male blogger working for a fashion magazine who is based in London.

Through my project, I want to show how fashion bloggers have a significant role to play in the business Creative Industry. Looking back a few years, it would have been rare to see as many bloggers as we have now. This may have been because blogging was not a paid job, people treated it more as a hobby or it was not considered as a suitable source of income. Baring in mind the model shown is male, I hope to underline how society has adapted to changes and developed different perspectives. The percentage of male fashion bloggers is growing and it will eventually become a norm in our society. In today’s society, we still witness situations where a male blogger might be judged as a result of this job title and the activities, which do not tend to conform to male stereotypes.

London, as a location, became the main interest of the project as I consider its environment and the city itself as a great example of a modern and influential place to work.

Supervised by Alan Mannion

Sandra Fudala Sandra Fudala