The Sad Experience

By Nikita Airyt Moving Image Final Year Project 2017/2018

Low Poly Animated Piece.

The SAD Experience is a trailer for a video game aimed at children and young adults with Seasonal Affective Disorder and the people around them. It explores mental illness, and aims to decrease the stigma around mental health issues and encourage identification of the symptoms.

In the animation we are introduced to a bouncing character who travels through different seasons and environments which reflect his inner feelings caused by the changes of the weather. He is negatively impacted by the cold and dark winter environment and rejuvenated by the sunny spring surroundings.

Seasonal Affective Disorder leaves many suffering during the winter due the prevalence of work now done inside instead of outdoors. Directing the viewer’s mind to wonder is the main focus of this project. With this, the emphasis on mood and emotion drive the storyline to communicate with colours, lighting and simple shapes.

The animation could be played in Youth Centres or as an advert for the video game but also as a bumper ad on YouTube to raise awareness and intrigue viewers.

Nikita Airyt Nikita Airyt Nikita Airyt Nikita Airyt