Virtual Personal Trainer

By Kishan Balli Digital Design Final Year Project 2016/2017

Using Virtual Reality to Improve Body Image through Fitness

Virtual Personal Trainer was created in order for people to create the best version of themselves by focusing on improving their health and wellbeing.

The target audience are people who do not have confidence in themselves and have a negative perception of their body image. There is a strong correlation between focusing on health and wellbeing and improved mental and physical health. Exercise and fitness is proven to stimulate various brain chemicals that boost confidence and self esteem. However, many people do not have the correct knowledge or confidence in using the gym to obtain their goals. Some feel anxious and nervous about trying out the gym as they are stepping out of their comfort zone. This leads to increased stress due to them feeling intimidated by other gym members who are more experienced. Having a personal trainer may make them feel overwhelmed which will only lower their confidence.

The Virtual Personal Trainer plans to eliminate these fears for new members to start a fitness regime. The user will need to download the app in order to check out different exercises. For the real Virtual/Augmented Reality content the user will need ‘Google Glass’. This enables the user to see the instructional gym videos on a hands-free basis leaving them to either mimic the movements in the comfort of their own home or to try them out in the gym.

With this the user can always be up to date and have the correct knowledge on how to improve their performance and fitness with various exercises. This in turn will boost self-confidence and lead them to achieve their ideal body image.

Supervised by Dr Vanja Garaj

Kishan Balli Kishan Balli