By Jaskaran Bola Digital Design Final Year Project 2016/2017

A Disease Management Tool for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The aim of this project was to design and create a tool for the management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and the two sub-conditions of Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. At the current moment there is no effective digital tool for those suffering from the disease and therefore I felt this would be a fulfilling subject choice, as there is space for an effective aide to be provided to those who suffer from the disease, particularly given the niche area of the condition.

Research was carried out into both the disease and the digital market of health and wellbeing. Through this research, the idea of designing a mobile application or an app was chosen as the most effective manner of serving as the required tool. Viscera as an artefact is a prototype representation and model of my envisioned tool and contains a variety of features, functions and proposed ideas for the management of the conditions. It serves as a vision of the functionality the proposed developed application could possess, with the ability to record food and drink, track medication and symptoms and several other key features, all of which have been derived from direct consultation with those suffering from the conditions.

Supervised by Dr Vanja Garaj

Jaskaran Bola Jaskaran Bola