Water Matters

By Akash Kapoor Moving Image Final Year Project 2016/2017

Motion Graphic Advertisement for a Water Charity

Motion has always been attractive to humans, and in particular motion graphics has become a key competency in the world of digital communication.

For my Final Year project, I created a motion graphic which seeks to raise awareness and emphasise the importance of having clean water, and how it can transform lives. For the project a Charity called ‘Water Matters’ was created, a humanitarian organisation specialising in clean water and sanitation.

The artefact is approximately three minutes long and portrays the day to day life of two young girls, both at a similar age, both able to become successful adults in the future, however both leading two very different lives in two different parts of the world. The motion graphic takes you through the journey of a life with and without water and how we use water on a day to day basis without realising its importance. The viewer is also encouraged to think more about how clean water is a luxury in some locations.

During the motion graphic, I give you an insight into the work Water Matters does, the steps they take to reach their goals and also outline their fundamental beliefs. I intend to make this advert as inspiring and informative as possible, by the end, I hope my viewers will have a clear picture in their minds of how life is for people without water. I intend to persuade my viewers to think about the cause and potentially think about taking action in the near future.

We matter, you matter, Water Matters.

Supervised by Fred Weimer

Akash Kapoor