By Gosia Bem Moving Image Master’s Coursework 2018/2019

Immersive Game Design and Development

I went scuba diving for the first time a few years ago in Spain. The endless blue
of the ocean was mesmerizing and truly beautiful. Deep below the surface of the
water the noise of the city, constant rush, and all your problems disappear. That
is the experience I wanted to share with the player in BLUE. The mindful game
enchants the player with an open-ocean adventure. The main objective is to
explore, collect items and accumulate points, while immersed in the
environment, which to me is the best aspect of game design. The game was
created in the Unity3D Engine, scripted using C#. Some assets created and
animated in Maya; UI elements created in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Gosia Bem Gosia Bem