3D Computer Graphics Design

By Ramar Samuel

3D modeling techniques explored in various areas


3D Film Prop Scene

By Adria España Cumellas

3D Props Created and Animated for a Film


90.97 Churro Bar & OH MY GRUB!

By Aisha Tungekar

90.97 Churro Bar & OH MY GRUB!


Anon cinematic trailer and Cardiologue health game

By Randa Dibaje

This master course has given me the opportunity to showcase a variety of projects that I have achieved throughout the year.



By Gosia Bem

Immersive Game Design and Development


Branding Brief, Store Display &  Corporate Stationery

By Jiafu Han

Because I like Japanese retro illustrations, my innovative brand adds this style to my brand without losing the traditional Japanese culture.


Branding myself as Fashion stylist

By Asmahane khawaja

Style, colours, emotions.


Brunel Boost, Portfolio Site & Aircreate

By Jahed Hafiz

This project was about creating an advertisement video based on a brand or service. I created my own energy drink brand and identity to base the assignment on. We then had the chance to plan, film and edit our own video to industry standard.



By GeunAh Park

Carrota is a world’s local recipe app in which local people upload their own recipes with tips. The unique selling point of this app is that the user not only sees the recipe but can also get the ingredients and products that were used delivered to them.

Cartoon-styled portrait, Cupcake company Logo & Drawings

By Abdul Abdullah

This is the first cartoon-styled portrait I did when I started my Graphic Design journey. This piece is really important for me because this kick-started my love for Graphic Design and always brings a smile to my face when looking back at it because I was so proud of myself.


Chinese Ancient Small Town & Study

By Pinshu Li

MAYA Modelling, Texture and Lighting



By Tinayu Wu

Good food and good mood



By Daphne Kontomina

The ultimate dance app Danzo is the ultimate app for dancers.


Fulltime, MANIK & Trifecta

By Dhanyath Shetty

The essential football app, packed with football news, videos, fixtures, tickets, scores and statistics for your favourite teams and competitions. The application features include: live scores, ticket purchasing, breaking news, player/match statistics, videos and more.


Media Mix

By Nicoleta Istrate

VFX, 3D Modelling and MoCap, 3D and 2D Film Directing



By Christiana Kellari

the images are of my best work from 4 main projects


Neelakurinji, Photography & Typography and Logos

By Jothsna Rajeev

What is special about Neelakurinji is that it blooms only once every twelve years. The last bloom season was in 2018 and the next will not be until the year 2030! This is an event which should not be missed and should be witness in person.


Opti-MOM: Mobile App for MOMs

By Aymane Sahli

A Healthier Mom for a Healthier Child


Pop Art, Kidsevent & Artsy Work

By Malika Sadvakassova

The following illustration was my first attempt at pop art illustration. I chose an intense yellow background to grab attention. The face is that of a friend that I tried to illustrate it in pop art style. I find this style aesthetically pleasing and modern.



By Ting Pan

Your best health protector


SCInsect Revolution Campaign

By Si Min

SCInsect Revolution Campaign for the brand. There are two meanings behind this campaign, one is edible insects revolution, and another one is our brand revolution, because we are trying to change consumers’ diet preference.


The Jinn Unity game

By Azaz Afzal

“The power within the mask”


The Sports Box,Responsive Portfolio Website & Sitmydog

By Isaac Curmi

As part of our Brand Experience Design module, I created a concept brand which is a subscription box related to football. It is the first of its kind, through which the main aim is to engage passionate fans with their respective clubs.


Together, Chellewy & Chermon

By Jen-Hua Wang

For a designer, weddings are not only romantic projects but also require designs based on emotion. This company does not try to create a romantic story but instead helps customers develop their own dream stories and then brings them to life.


Triplan, OHMYGRUB! & Reminisce

By Dahyun Lee

Triplan is an all-in-one user’s trip manager. It helps users to book cost-effective flights and hotels as well as providing practical information which creates travel routes for different places and countries. Users’ trip planning can be reviewed to help one another.


Voter App

By Thunchanok Saengtes

To deliver a message which makes people realise there are election problems. A while ago, Thailand had an issue involving the election system and could not find a way to resolve it. Then, as time passed the world moved on, and people’s minds changed.