Media Mix

By Nicoleta Istrate Moving Image Master’s Coursework 2018/2019

VFX, 3D Modelling and MoCap, 3D and 2D Film Directing

As a fine art professional wanting to surpass my limits in Digital Media, I enrolled for the MSc Advance Multimedia Design and 3D technologies. In this course, you can expand your knowledge, through the dedication and guidance of your teachers. The portfolio you create during your studies will provide you with exciting challenges, to push your creative abilities to new levels. The images attached are from my portfolio, and they are examples of dedication and hard work. As shown in the first image, the project aim was to achieve a level of realism in a recorded shot by adding a CGI element, a remote-control car. A VFX shot is created from multiple layers, and this image shows some of the them - the car layer, the wireframe layer, the shadow layer and the final composite. The second image is a Motion Capture character, animated in a Maya modelled background, from the short clip, “Detective In Trouble”. The third image is an anaglyph 3D movie, “Her Sweet Memory”. The fourth image contains screenshots of my extraordinary first experience as a film director, writer and editor of a 2D movie trailer, “The Past Of The Future”.

Nicoleta Istrate Nicoleta Istrate Nicoleta Istrate Nicoleta Istrate