SCInsect Revolution Campaign

By Si Min Branding and Marketing Master's Coursework 2018/2019

SCInsect Revolution Campaign for the brand. There are two meanings behind this campaign, one is edible insects revolution, and another one is our brand revolution, because we are trying to change consumers’ diet preference.

SCInsect Revolution Exhibition is a lab of Insect wine production. It is more like an installation art, which is simple and easy lab equipment for consumer to participate in the wine production process. It will be a 7 days exhibition and Free for everyone to visit. The exhibition will offer insect wines and non-alcoholic candies as free samples to attract customers. We consider that there will be many parents who bring their children to visit this kind of science knowledge exhibition. Therefore,wines are for the parents and insect candies are for the children. Actually, children are the audience for our side products. We believe that eating insects’ will become a common diet in the future. And after they grow up they will become our potential consumers as well. So, we can inspire their interest of edible insects through this exhibition from now.

Si Min Si Min