Together, Chellewy & Chermon

By Jen-Hua Wang Branding and Marketing Master’s Coursework Final Year Project 2019/2020

For a designer, weddings are not only romantic projects but also require designs based on emotion. This company does not try to create a romantic story but instead helps customers develop their own dream stories and then brings them to life.

This is a website dealing with brand strategy. The website design intends on giving people a sense of professionalism and stability. It also aims to help brands that just want to start a business but cannot find a position in society.

This is social media with the purpose of protecting every creator. It lets everyone create and communicate in its space. The main feature of the app is that everyone can reply to 3 other people’s posts a day and the number of likes given is unlimited.Therefore, users must learn to cherish the opportunity of leaving a message and will also discover more creators who also deserve attention.

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