Chinese Ancient Small Town & Study

By Pinshu Li Digital Design Master’s Coursework 2018/2019

MAYA Modelling, Texture and Lighting

I designed several Chinese old houses and a street store to create the atmosphere of the old town. These buildings are scattered and arranged at the water side. The focus of the whole scene is the awning boat. Because the characters will act on the awning boat. In addition, I made a bridge over the river and a large number of lanterns beside the river. Apart from that, there are also shadows of lights, boats, trees and bridges in the water. These will make the scene more interesting and beautiful. These old houses are all different styles. Some are made of wood and some are made of stone. Their roofs are also various. I referred to different architectural designs. The whole scene presents a sense of quietness and harmony. I designed a study including a desk a lamp, a computer, a window, a desk, a chair, books, a rubbish bin and so on. I also designed their different materials and textures. Additionally, I designed the natural sunshine outside the window and the lamp light to create the atmosphere.

Pinshu Li