By Christiana Kellari Moving Image Master’s Coursework 2018/2019

the images are of my best work from 4 main projects

Image 1 – ‘Fruit Rush’ is a nutritional-based serious game, where the player runs along roads collecting either fruits or desserts. The player has to reach the end of the roads within a specific given time, where the fruits increase the player’s speed, and the desserts decrease the player’s speed.
Image 2 – ‘23’ Trailer is a film trailer, where the main character suffers from a rare chromosomal abnormality.
Image 3 – ‘Stress’ is a short stereoscopic 3D anaglyph video about the stress of assignment deadlines.
Image 4 – ‘The Return’ is a short 3D animation, utilising Maya for 3D modelling, and motion capture for character animation.

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