The Jinn Unity game

By Azaz Afzal Digital Design Master’s Coursework 2018/2019

“The power within the mask”

An Action-Adventure game made with Unity, You play as the main character, Rabbi (aka The Jinn), entrepreneur and inventor by day and cage fighter by night, he invents a mask that can shape shift into a powered exoskeleton, with the mask’s capabilities you can go in flight mode at any time. Modes include Training mode (test out the suit and fly around without limits), Garage mode (play as Rabbi and examine the lair for any tips) and Mission mode (engage in real missions with a countdown timer to be dealt with on each mission), this game also aims to bring back the stylish vibe from the early 00’s PS2 era.

Azaz Afzal Azaz Afzal Azaz Afzal