By Ting Pan Digital Design Master’s Coursework 2018/2019

Your best health protector

SCInsect, is a new brand, the aim is change consumer perception of insects. Our product is insect wine and insect candy.

When people think about ‘science’, they will have a feel of rigorous, clean, visible, safe, actual and so on. However, insect give the impression that they are dirty and have bacteria. I want use ‘science’ to change customer perception of insect. In order to make customer feel safe to buy insect wine, I use simple and clean style to design the logo.

Project Description:
• Providing brand/products of insect to target audience
• Shifting their perception
• Making customers aware of the nutritional and environmental benefits that eating insects can bring

Short tern
• Building brand awareness
• Increase knowledge of insects
• Reduce fear of eating insects
• Design brand, products and campaign

Long tern
• Increase sales
• Insect products are direct nutritional benefits for people

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