By Daphne Kontomina Digital Design Master’s Coursework 2018/2019

The ultimate dance app Danzo is the ultimate app for dancers.

It helps them to:
• connect with fellow dancers
• discover dance events
• watch high quality educational dance videos

Danzo suits the needs of three types of personas.
Firstly, it suits the beginner dancer as it helps them socialize, and getting informed on dance events. Danzo suits also the advanced dancer who needs to improve and needs to find a partner as advanced as they are, to practice and to take part in competitions with.

Thirdly, danzo helps the traveler dancer to attend dancing events and meet fellow dancers during their travels. Danzo is an app that involves most types of dances. The aim of its logo is to invoke the sense of movement, action and energy. So, a spinning symbol was used as a part of the full-word logo (danzo) but it can also be used as a stand - alone logo element. The spin, the turn, is the dance element that unifies all the dance types.

Daphne Kontomina Daphne Kontomina