Branding Brief, Store Display &  Corporate Stationery

By Jiafu Han Branding and Marketing Master’s Coursework Final Year Project 2019/2020

Because I like Japanese retro illustrations, my innovative brand adds this style to my brand without losing the traditional Japanese culture.

Paddy creates a beauty that combines the mellow taste of the sake with the cultural charm. The basic concept is not only casual but also inspiring people’s collections. Users not only taste the sake, but also the memories and beauty of collecting and drinking it.

On the store front, Paddy retains the traditional Izakaya style of Japanese- style shops. However, when guests enter it they can feel the atmosphere of modern art which creates a tenseness that can make people feel the tension of the modern city.

The style used by the brand is mainly applied to the hand-painted style of Japanese ukiyo-e (Japanese genre painting). In Asian and world art, it presents a special colour and richness. After more than three hundred years, it has a deep influence in Europe and Asia.

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