3D and Final Year Project, Digital Paintings & Digital Design Collage

By Mason Alsuhaily

A combination of website, graphics and other conceptual designs using a mixture of the Adobe Creative Suite and web development tools such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MYSQL.


Branding Brief, Store Display &  Corporate Stationery

By Jiafu Han

Because I like Japanese retro illustrations, my innovative brand adds this style to my brand without losing the traditional Japanese culture.


Brunel Boost, Portfolio Site & Aircreate

By Jahed Hafiz

This project was about creating an advertisement video based on a brand or service. I created my own energy drink brand and identity to base the assignment on. We then had the chance to plan, film and edit our own video to industry standard.


Brunel Digital Rebrand

By Rosanna Maddison

My Final Major Project is the Rebranding of Brunel Digital.


Bull**** Free Burgers & The Simple Answer

By Becky Ward

Branding, packaging design and marketing for a plant-based burger patty company. Including, billboard advertising, collaboration with a fast-food restaurant and online grocery paid placement.


Burger King Delivery, HSBC Private Banking & Fantasy Kicks

By Arandeep Bansal

A mobile app experience for Burger King Delivery which includes an exciting digital experience for a different take on a loyalty reward scheme.

Cartoon-styled portrait, Cupcake company Logo & Drawings

By Abdul Abdullah

This is the first cartoon-styled portrait I did when I started my Graphic Design journey. This piece is really important for me because this kick-started my love for Graphic Design and always brings a smile to my face when looking back at it because I was so proud of myself.


Django Hub

By Gursimran Singh

The Online Social Interactive Learning Tool for Django Jazz


Dr. Paws

By Muj TabaIjaz

A mobile application that will provide pet owners with an effective and efficient way to care for their pets.
A productive and resourceful mobile application to tackle the insuficient animal medical services available to everyday pet owners.



By Gurpal Singh

Using Digital Technology to Create a Motion Graphics Title Sequence


Food on Track & Entry–Branding

By Sebastian Negus

Mobile app concept focusing on the experience of London commuters and poor eating habits.


Global Warning! - Global Warming Explained

By Antkowiak Bartosz

Visual communication of the most important aspects of global warming and climate change.


Glove Boxing 3D Animation, Football Motion Capture & HSBC Gold Price 3D Infographic

By Rishiraj Sihra

The 3D images in this collage are animation scenes from a 360-campaign for a boxing app. They show two boxers fighting in a ring from different angles, cheering spectators and a commentary desk. I polygon-modelled the ring and its surroundings in Maya creating a local arena feel.


Hulo Stress App

By Rupanzel Das

An Interactive App for Young Adults that Helps Regulate Stress for Everyday Well-Being


La Boutique Co

By Leena Hooper

Image assets used for the app. All taken and edited by me. A visual summary displaying what the app has to offer.



By Abdul Abdullah

Moonlighters is a one-shot comic about monster hunters and vigilantes in a desert style arabian setting.


Neelakurinji, Photography & Typography and Logos

By Jothsna Rajeev

What is special about Neelakurinji is that it blooms only once every twelve years. The last bloom season was in 2018 and the next will not be until the year 2030! This is an event which should not be missed and should be witness in person.




All in one smart home app allows you to take full control from wherever you are.


Non-alcoholic brewery campaign

By Sam Wood

My final year project is a branding and marketing campaign for a non-alcoholic brewery.


Pop Art, Kidsevent & Artsy Work

By Malika Sadvakassova

The following illustration was my first attempt at pop art illustration. I chose an intense yellow background to grab attention. The face is that of a friend that I tried to illustrate it in pop art style. I find this style aesthetically pleasing and modern.


Rafiki - The Groove

By Rachel Brockbank

Motion graphics music video.


Real Examples: How To Promote A Company & Extend The Design

By Yuan Dai

According to Inspiration Hub, a series of designs start from the initial stage of creating a brand image and corporate culture, to the stage of identifying logos, creating web pages and posters.


Sequoia, Nike Marketing Campaign & HSBC Private Banking

By Jesal Varsani

‘Sequoia’ is an organic brand that promotes the medicinal benefits of eating raw and natural food. This was my final year project, and I created a 360 campaign for my brand, exploring different mediums. I developed a website, created social media content to emphasise my UX/UI designing skills. My project also includes product packaging and print media that highlight my illustrations.



By Maarten Dumez

Designing, Modelling, Rigging and Animating a 3D Character to Showcase Realistic Visual Effects in Maya


Space Environment, Texture & Zaku

By Tuo Liu

As shown using a still from my Final Year Project, this scene is set in space with shattered satellites and other space elements floating around the main character, Zaku (a mecha). The lighting has added characteristics to make the environment feel cold and dreary.


The Boxing Hub Website

By Kurran Mehroke

An Interactive Boxing Website Using Multimedia Elements with Parallax Scrolling


The K Collective & HSBC Private Banking

By Neesha Hooper

A brand campaign with the focus on normalising diversity within fashion. These are shots taken from the campaign video. This is a project for my Multimedia Final Year Project.


The Sports Box,Responsive Portfolio Website & Sitmydog

By Isaac Curmi

As part of our Brand Experience Design module, I created a concept brand which is a subscription box related to football. It is the first of its kind, through which the main aim is to engage passionate fans with their respective clubs.


The Ways in the Willows

By Lucy Mossakowski

Literacy Geography 2D, interactive online story map


Three Fingers

By Justyna Trybula

A Title Sequence Inspired by Techniques Used in Kyle Cooper’s ‘Se7en’ Opening Credits


VeganGo,Douceur & Origin

By Dimple Ambasana

For this particular project, I curated a high fidelity prototype for a vegan food delivery service by using InVision. I applied relevant design principles to the UI and ensured the market research I carried out was also showcased throughout the elements of the app.


WISHY & Portfolio

By Melanie Schomann

Responsive portfolio website to showcase my previous work and projects, also introducing myself and my services as I am eager to apply and develop my skills in all kinds of projects and opportunities.