Glove Boxing 3D Animation, Football Motion Capture & HSBC Gold Price 3D Infographic

By Rishiraj Sihra Digital Design Final Year Project Level 3 Coursework 2019/2020

The 3D images in this collage are animation scenes from a 360-campaign for a boxing app. They show two boxers fighting in a ring from different angles, cheering spectators and a commentary desk. I polygon-modelled the ring and its surroundings in Maya creating a local arena feel.

This 3D image is part of a motion capture animation to create a high- quality cinematic video. This shows an opening scene, with a football on a pitch and a logo above. I used Paint effects to create multiple grass strands. To make the pitch look thicker I instanced these strands.

This was an HSBC task to create a visual interpretation of an online chart. It shows statues holding different quantities of gold and reflects recent changes in the price. I used metal textures to create different levels of reflectivity and smoothness across all models.

Rishiraj Sihra Rishiraj Sihra Rishiraj Sihra