Django Hub

By Gursimran Singh Digital Design Branding and Marketing Final Year Project 2014/2015

The Online Social Interactive Learning Tool for Django Jazz

DjangoHub uses online digital technology to enable users to create their own profile, tag guitar licks and share learning content with others. The social learning aspect permits users to create their own unique profile, displaying their information and personal licks. Users can then search through the website for other user profiles to see who the people are and what are they learning. Users also have a personal space to organise and schedule their guitar licks using a simple drag and drop system. This feature allows for planning the future learning, by conquering one lick at a time. All licks that are tagged will appear on the news feed, permitting all users to see the new tags once they have logged in. These licks can then be added to personal schedules, enabling everyone to share learning content.

Supervised by Dr Vanja Garaj

Gursimran Singh Gursimran Singh