Sequoia, Nike Marketing Campaign & HSBC Private Banking

By Jesal Varsani Digital Design Final Year Project Level 3 Coursework 2019/2020

‘Sequoia’ is an organic brand that promotes the medicinal benefits of eating raw and natural food. This was my final year project, and I created a 360 campaign for my brand, exploring different mediums. I developed a website, created social media content to emphasise my UX/UI designing skills. My project also includes product packaging and print media that highlight my illustrations.

I designed a 360 marketing campaign for Nike with the kind of visual style that attracts people the most. I was highly inspired by artist Vasjen Katro’s designs. With a similar approach, I designed my posters with contrasting tones of bright gradients and a dark background.

We got a chance to undertake a brief of HSBC. We had to develop a high fidelity prototype mobile application. After research, making wireframes and sketching out my ideas, the outcome was a design of a private banking app.

Jesal Varsani Jesal Varsani Jesal Varsani