Hulo Stress App

By Rupanzel Das Digital Design Final Year Project 2014/2015

An Interactive App for Young Adults that Helps Regulate Stress for Everyday Well-Being

Hulo is an app made to inform the youth about the effects and triggers of stress, providing them with a toolkit to manage it every day. It aims to create more self-aware people in society through the spread of simple knowledge and understanding about stress. With three-quarters of adult mental disorders in evidence by the age of 21, effective early intervention can be essential in preventing the development of ill health. Many studies have proven the link between chronic stress as the means of what causes more serious mental ailments such as anxiety and depression. Early intervention and simple exercises can reduce the risk of such impacts on our mental well-being, which is what this app aims to provide. This app creates an atmosphere where looking after a part of our mental well-being is made as rewarding and beneficial as looking after our physical health. The exercises and interactive self-checks provide tools in order to help the user in three purposes: to ‘Reform’ their lifestyle, to ‘Rethink’ their situations and to ‘Relax’ their mood. The use of gamification and an exotic island theme provide an extra layer of interaction and mood enhancement that has previously not been implemented on such a topic.

Supervised by Dr Harry Agius

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