Brunel Digital Rebrand

By Rosanna Maddison Digital Design Final Year Project 2018/2019

My Final Major Project is the Rebranding of Brunel Digital.

A special division settled within Brunel University London. Using my fellow students, lecturers as well as prospective students as my target audience, I explored their opinions of what makes Brunel Digital unique and how I can visualise this within a physical artefact. My findings lead me to develop a completely new brand and visual identity for this division, complimented by a brand book and a number of marketing assets which embody the true significance of Brunel Digital.

At Brunel Digital, there are no duplicate projects or designs, each student creates and produces products that are unique to them, their background and their skills. Some may say that Brunel Digital is hard to define. But from my research, I have found that it is the students and their creativity who define it. Throughout the development of my artefact, the core priority was to convey this message.

Liquid visuals are used throughout the brand and marketing assets of the Brunel Digital identity; this is to represent how the division teaches its students to be broad, dynamic and fluid in anything they create.

The main artefact of this project is the Brunel Digital brand book. This embodies the brand in its entirety and establishes a standard style guide of the divisions identity. It is a tool that can be used to create consistent communication of what Brunel Digital is, what it encompasses and why it is so relevant for today’s digital age. To compliment this artefact, I have developed additional assets which will aid the marketing of the division. These assets included a new website prototype, staff business cards and branded posters for Brunel Digital and its two courses, Digital Design and Visual Effects & Motion Graphics.

Throughout these assets it was important to establish not only a visual identity for Brunel Digital but also its courses- making it a brand split into three parts. This therefore creates a visual language through colour and graphics which helps people identify which course is which and what Brunel Digital is.

Supervised by Paul Butler

Rosanna Maddison Rosanna Maddison Rosanna Maddison