Cartoon-styled portrait, Cupcake company Logo & Drawings

By Abdul Abdullah Branding and Marketing Master’s Coursework Final Year Project 2019/2020

This is the first cartoon-styled portrait I did when I started my Graphic Design journey. This piece is really important for me because this kick-started my love for Graphic Design and always brings a smile to my face when looking back at it because I was so proud of myself.

This image is the first logo design I did for my best friend’s cupcake company. I wanted to use this image because this was my first experience rebranding a brand from scratch. Redesigning her logo and brand identity was such a great and enjoyable experience.

My love for digital design started 3 years ago when I got my first graphics tablet. I’ve always loved drawing portraits from the age of 15, so when I got my graphics tablet, I started drawing people digitally, for fun. I started to get better and better at it and have now started to do them professionally for people as gifts and personal use. The image on the left of this page is the first portrait I did for a client and the right is a portrait of a celebrity.

Abdul Abdullah Abdul Abdullah Abdul Abdullah