Brunel Boost, Portfolio Site & Aircreate

By Branding and Marketing Master’s Coursework Final Year Project 2019/2020

This project was about creating an advertisement video based on a brand or service. I created my own energy drink brand and identity to base the assignment on. We then had the chance to plan, film and edit our own video to industry standard.

During the second semester, we had the chance to get hands-on with front-end coding languages. I developed my own responsive portfolio website from scratch with HTML/CSS/JavaScript. The website professionally presents my design portfolio from university.

The digital design module gave me a chance to study UX methodologies and UI design. We had to think of an app and design an interactive prototype. My app, Aircreate, is about finding and experiencing digital and creative cultures across the world.

Jahed Hafiz Jahed Hafiz Jahed Hafiz