Triplan, OHMYGRUB! & Reminisce

By Dahyun Lee Branding and Marketing Master’s Coursework Final Year Project 2019/2020

Triplan is an all-in-one user’s trip manager. It helps users to book cost-effective flights and hotels as well as providing practical information which creates travel routes for different places and countries. Users’ trip planning can be reviewed to help one another.

OHMYGRUB! is a brand that mainly focuses on providing insect-based and organic food to the young. We planned on providing different experiences to customers with this insect restaurant. We used characters to attract the attention of children.

REMINISCE is a customer-oriented brand that helps people plan their own funerals. It changes existing funeral culture which centers around the bereaved to a new one where people can design their own funeral themselves. They can therefore express their own personality and console their bereaved relatives and friends. I have suggested this idea to people by designing it with funeral-style branding.

Dahyun Lee Dahyun Lee Dahyun Lee