By George Smith Moving Image Branding and Marketing Final Year Project 2018/2019

I created a 360ยบ campaign to promote the brand.

The motion graphic advertisement for Blync appeals to people who handle customer data. Its friendly visual style enables viewers to warm to the narrative while being educated in the threats and then shown a solution - Blync.

The Blync brand consists of primarily Regal Blue with a light and dark accent to compliment it. Research has shown that we associate the colour Blue most with security, and we cognitively assess brands without even knowing it. Shown is a simplified brand guidelines, company website and various accessories.

The #ThinkBlync campaign targets users from the streets & social media with a pondering set of questions accompanied with people deep in thought. The posters themselves carefully follow the brand guidelines and design principles that frame each question.

Supervised by Rakesh Mohun

George Smith George Smith