Adult Cyber Bullying

By Imrat Ryatt

Raising Awareness of Cyber Bullying amongst Adults



By George Smith

I created a 360º campaign to promote the brand.


Chernobyl – Title Sequence

By James Sayer

Title Sequence Created for the HBO Production Chernobyl which explores the two main themes of Scientific Disaster & Human Tragedy.


Dear Kitty

By Paloma Vela Oromendia

An Animated Dance Short Film


Global Warning! - Global Warming Explained

By Antkowiak Bartosz

Visual communication of the most important aspects of global warming and climate change.


Invisible Plastic

By Linda Scerpella

My final year project is called Invisible Plastic, it is an awareness campaign which aims to expose less known and less visible plastic issues, such as micro plastics, micro fibres and toxin which are harming our planet and us.


Rafiki - The Groove

By Rachel Brockbank

Motion graphics music video.


The Many Colours of our Earth

By Florencia Sesini

A 2D animation about the effects of global warming.


Unilever: Inspirational Video

By Brendan Botrel

An inspirational motion graphics piece


Vael Animated Exploration

By Ash Isbitt

For my final major project for university, I designed, illustrated and animated an introduction/primer for a fantasy creative writing project called Vael, exploring the themes and primary plot and introducing the major characters to the audience.


Virual Glitch

By Enoch Masunda

For my project I am investigating the possibilities of the new and upcoming technology of Virtual Reality where my aim is to explore the questions of whether technology, in this sense VR can go too far.